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 John McSweeney

Proofing 'Parks and Gardens' - a Giclée print

What you can find here

This online shop is dedicated to the sale of my paintings and limited edition fine art prints.

Several paintings are supplied with frames. Naturally a purchaser may wish to choose another frame once he or she has taken delivery.

My prints are supplied unframed. I leave it to the customer to frame as he or she sees fit. The overwhelming majority of my prints are priced at £130. Occasionally I may add larger sized prints, which will be priced slightly higher. As for smaller prints, if I think there is a demand for them I will no doubt supply further editions.

However I do supply free shipping on all items, and there no other charges attached to your purchase.

Paintings and prints are shipped from London in the UK. However buyers living outside of the UK may incur additional customs costs. That is something the buyer must negotiate with the relevant authorities.


Having previously taken a degree in aeronautical engineering, I studied painting, and print-making, at Camberwell College of Art in London, spending five years at undergraduate and post-graduate level. I began using computers to make digital images in 1998. I tutored Fine Art for 3 years at Camberwell. I also taught Computer Science for 6 years at various British universities. In 2017 I began making digital prints.


I am a painter of life. I have been a professional artist for 40 years.

My practice is based on observations of my environment. I also draw from my background in science and technology and my interest in history.

The prints are not copies of my paintings. Some are related to painted works, but all are original designs and exist only in printed form.

Print-making Process

I employ a number of techniques:

  • I use digital photography.
  • I sometimes scan older photographs.
  • I occasionally find photographs in the public domain
  • I make painted forms on various surfaces, and then photograph them.
  • Some forms/shapes are created with software. In other words I draw and paint with pixels.
  • I combine and manipulate these digital images with software.
  • My prints are made with state-of-the-art equipment.
  • All prints are made using archival quality paper.

Tradition and Synthesis

My work hovers between figuration and abstraction, drawing on centuries of artistic tradition from pre-Renaissance through to computer aided design. I synthesise a variety of painting styles. I make use of allegory, symbolism, and narrative. I construct different viewpoints within the same picture, nesting pictures within pictures, looking to create a dialogue between contrasting elements.

I offer a view of the world, creating what I consider to be secular icons. I often look to pose questions, querying the status quo of what we accept in society, drawing the viewer in and hoping to generate a conversation.
At the root of my practice there is a desire to engage with this question: Can painting and print-making elicit a constructive discourse about the world we inhabit? My ambition is to show that it can.


The Copyright of an image for any painting or print remains the property of John McSweeney. By purchasing a print(s) from this shop, you acquire ownership of the physical print, but not any intellectual property rights to re-use the image(s).